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I have always been an eternal optimist, a gal that has always seen the glass as half full, even when I didn’t believe it for myself.

You see when I turned 60 years old I realized if God blessed me with 30 more years on earth, then my life was already two thirds over. All the goals I had set out to do year after year, the weight I had vowed to lose, the health I promised to obtain and daily organization that had alluded me all lay there in a big heap of empty promises, some promises were over 45 years old. Was this all? Would I ever change or could I ever change?

I dug deep very, very deep and decided I had no choice but to do something about my situation. I took a personal development class, learned to love myself, face the trauma of my past, learned to forgive others and most importantly I forgave myself. I took an online class on style and fashion, hired a trainer, took adventures with my husband and immersed myself in learning and improving every single day. I have lost a total of 125 lbs and I continue on my path to total health and wellness in my mind and in my body.

My zest and passion for life is off the charts and my mission until my last breath is to inspire others that it is Never Too Late Ever!

Have Questions? Message me, I would LOVE to hear from you!!

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